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December 2012

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Under EUR 20
As an alternative to a very short flight or driving, one can take a bus from Tallinn Bus Station to Riga (the cheapest way to get from Tallinn to Riga). The services are operated by Ecolines or Lux Express and there are nearly 10 buses running along this route daily. The journey takes over 4 hours and usually costs EUR 16 per person. The tickets can be booked on-line via the bus operators web-sites well in advance of the journey. The buses are very clean and the service is very reliable with Wi-Fi and even coffee machines on board. All buses briefly stop at Parnu (Estonia) and arrive at Riga Central Bus Station. There are plans at the moment for a Trans-Baltic Express high-speed train line linking Tallinn-Riga-Kaunas (or Vilnius) and Warsaw but it will be quite a while before the modern railway line becomes operational. In our experience the trains between the Baltic capital cities are either non-existent or very inconvenient at present and we would not recommend it as a viable travel option.