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December 2011

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EUR 57 per person without a car
We took a ferry from Tallinn to spend a day in Helsinki. The route between those cities is served by several Estonian and Finnish/ Scandinavian ferry companies but we opted for Tallink Silja Line that operates up to 7 ferries per day from Tallinn. The other being Eckero Line and Viking Line that run 1-2 ferries daily. The day-return ticket is about EUR 57 per adult (we bought the tickets a day prior to departure and did not take a car with us) but there are usually special offers/promotional tickets for well-organised travellers who can make their journey plans and purchase the tickets on-line (e.g. well in advance. The cost of taking a car varies depending on the type of the vehicle but we would not recommend those visiting Helsinki without venturing further afield into Finland to bring a car from Tallinn. The crossing takes between 2-2.5 hours and is usually not affected by the weather conditions. When we travelled in December 2011 the Baltic Sea was not even partially frozen over but the journey can, nevertheless, be a bit bumpy at times (sick-sickness sufferers beware!). The ferries are very modern with several floors for passengers as well as numerous cafeteria and shops on board. The Wi-Fi signal is strong throughout the crossing and although there is no allocated seating, there is plenty of room for all passengers. We certainly did not feel the ferry was over-crowded. From early April to late October, LindaLine Express runs a high-speed passenger-only hydrofoil craft that makes the journey much faster but we understand that the tickets are more expensive than for conventional ferries. Of note, Helsinki is a very expensive European city and definitely not a place to visit on a shoe-string. One should expect to pay circa EUR 19 for two regular Lattes and one slice of cake in a Starbuck-type establishment. Generous budget is strongly recommended for Helsinki trip in order to avoid negative surprises upon arrival.