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September 2010

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Under EUR 20
Travel by bus is pretty much the only way to get from Klaipeda in Lithuania to Riga in Latvia, except for those brave enough to rent a car and venture on their own on snowy roads in the winter (during the summer months driving is far more pleasant and enjoyable experience as the roads are of very good standard especially on the Lithuanian leg of the journey). Notably, one can only take a train from Klaipeda to Siauliai in Lithuania (with trains usually running 3-4 times a day) but from Siauliai it is either driving or going by bus (all buses from Klaipeda pass via Siauliai anyway to pick up additional passengers). Taking a bus from Klaipeda to Riga will not break the bank as the tickets are around EUR 20 per person for 310km journey that takes approximately 4.5-5 hours. There is Olego Transportas that operates mini-bus service 5 times a day. (the bus also stops at Riga Airport to drop off passengers). The bus departure times can be found on but the tickets cannot be purchased on-line. We strongly recommend those who need to arrive in Riga by a certain time to purchase the tickets at least a day in advance at Klaipeda Bus Station as the seats become booked up very quickly and arriving just prior to bus departure without a ticket may result in you not being able to get on the bus. There are no standing places on any of the buses and the service is quite comfortable and well run. There is a larger bus running on the same route ( operated by a different company) that leaves Klaipeda at 6.50 a.m. daily. Getting the tickets is less of a problem at very short notice on this service and there were several empty seats when we traveled in September 2010.