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From Jordan to Jerusalem

March 2014

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approx. 200 GBP per person
This might be the easiest a quickest way to get from Jordan to Jerusalem. You need to take a taxi to the border Terminal (VIP/tourist) King Hussein Bridge. The taxi from Amman airport would be approximately 35-40 Jordanian Dinars. In order to cross the border you will need to pay an exit fee (20 JD) and buy bus ticket (7 JD) plus pay extra (1.5 JD) per bag. The crossing takes less than 15 minutes. However, be prepared to wait in the bus for a long time, should there be more people arriving to Israel. We stayed in the bus for nearly 1.5 hours. Upon arrival you can take a mini bus to Jerusalem city center (which arrives to Damascus Gate), which will cost 42 NIS per person and 5 NIC per bag. If you plan to return to Jordan, be prepared to pay equivalent of 50 USD departure tax from Israel and take same route to Jordan. As this border crossing is not recognised as a true border between Jordan and Israel you can exit and enter Jordan with the same single entry Jordanian visa. Obtaining an entry visa to Israel is not required. Upon arrival a card with a permit to stay issued free of charge.